Why Hines Global Income Trust

Sponsored by Hines, with your investment goals in mind.

  • Monthly Distributions
    Monthly distributions make Hines Global Income Trust an attractive option for investors seeking a diversified income source.1
  • Monthly Pricing
    New transaction prices are established on a monthly basis so investors have access to frequent updates on the value of their investment.2
  • Monthly Liquidity
    A monthly redemption program (subject to limitations) gives investors more flexibility.3

Investing worldwide for diversification, income, and growth.1,4,7

Additional Potential Benefits4
  • Capital appreciation potential
  • Aligned with investor interests5
  • Potential for inflation protection6
  • Geographic, sector, and portfolio diversification7
  • Growth potential4
  • Potential for lower volatility*

View foot­notes 47 regard­ing these benefits.

*Hines Glob­al’s shares are sold at the trans­ac­tion price” plus applic­a­ble up-front sell­ing com­mis­sions and deal­er man­ag­er fees. The trans­ac­tion price gen­er­al­ly will be equal to the net asset val­ue (NAV) per share deter­mined as of the end of the pri­or month. Accord­ing­ly, Hines Glob­al’s offer­ing price per share may be sub­ject to less volatil­i­ty because its NAV per share is based on the val­ue of the real estate assets it owns and is not sub­ject to mar­ket pric­ing forces as are the share prices of pub­licly trad­ed REITs. The val­ue of Hines Glob­al’s under­ly­ing invest­ments may fluc­tu­ate and may be worth less than what Hines Glob­al ini­tial­ly paid for them. Although the offer­ing price is sub­ject to less volatil­i­ty, Hines Glob­al’s shares are sig­nif­i­cant­ly less liq­uid than shares of a pub­licly trad­ed REIT, and are not immune to fluctuations.